Start-Up Incentives

At Spectrumotion, we believe that once you try one of the ridesharing modes below that you will never go back to driving alone. We believe it so strongly that we are willing to give you a free trial period as an incentive to get started! Register for one of the free trials below and we’ll even deliver your pass to you at your work site within 24 hours of your registration. For details on routes and/or schedules for any of the options below, register and use our Explore My commute Options tool.

Free 7-Day
Metrolink Pass
Free 30-Day

Metrolink Train

Metrolink serves the Irvine Station from a variety of cities in Southern California. If you have a station near your home and want to try Metrolink, Spectrumotion will provide you with a free 7-Day Pass. More than 90 percent of commuters who try Metrolink never go back to driving alone.


The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) is the public transit provider for all of Orange County. The Irvine Spectrum Area is served by many bus routes and one might be right for you. Spectrumotion will give you a free 30 Day Pass if you would like to give it a try.


Carpool to work in the Irvine Spectrum area and log at least 12 times in one month to receive a $50 Shell gas card. Explore your commute options on our home page to see potential carpool matches.


Spectrumotion can provide you with a list of vanpools that currently serve the Irvine Spectrum Area. If you decide you would like to join one, we’ll pay for your second month of participation. We can also assist larger groups of interested commuters to form a new vanpool. In this case, Spectrumotion would pay the entire cost of the van’s second month of operation.

You can use the Explore My Commute Options tool to see if there is an open seat in a van that serves your home area. You can also call our office at 949-727-4273 or email