Ride FREE on Earth Day

We aren’t the only organization celebrating Earth Week. Take a look!

April 22nd – 26th. Make sure you’re entered to Win one of our Nature Getaways.


Ride Free on Metrolink

To celebrate Earth Day, our partners at Metrolink are encouraging everyone across Southern California to
Reduce, Reuse, and Ride the Train with FREE Metrolink RIDES ALL DAY on Earth Day, April 22, 2019.

Use Metrolink to get to the Irvine Station. Then use the iShuttle to get from the station to work!


Metrolink Earth Day FAQs

Metrolink Free on Earth Day 2019


Ride Free on L.A. Metro

LA Metro Logo

Free rides on Metro Bus, Rail, and Bike Share System on Earth Day, Monday, April 22.


Envoy On-Demand Electric Vehicles

$15 Free Credit (1 hr 40 mins of use)

Envoy Irvine Spectrum

We love this Irvine Company property amenity! Employees commuting to work at certain Irvine Co. buildings in the Irvine Spectrum area can take ride-share into work without worrying about getting around without a car. Take the train or carpool to work. Then use an Envoy vehicle to go to lunch, get to a meeting or run errands!

The Apartment communities in the Irvine Spectrum have Envoy vehicles available for residents too!

To see if your building has Envoy and to get started, read our Envoy Blog Post here.
Then use our Promo Code: EARTHMOTION 


National Park Week

All national parks are FREE on Sunday April 20th!

National Parks Foundation Logo