About Irvine Spectrum Vanpools

A vanpool is generally defined as a group of 5 or more commuters who commute to work in a leased or company owned van. Van passengers can be from various companies or all be employed by the same company. There is a pre-determined fare which covers all the costs of the van including the cost of the vehicle, gas, tolls (if any), insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. It is considered most cost-effective for one-way commutes of 15 miles or more. Vans are normally provided by leasing companies that specialize in vanpooling and the leases can be canceled without penalty with 30 days notice. Vanpoolers meet and board their van at a pre-designated time and location.

If you are interested in more information about starting or joining a vanpool, call our office at 949-727-4273 or email monica@spectrumotion.com.

Finding a Vanpool

Finding a vanpool that is right for you is easy through our database of existing vans. Register with us and use the “Explore My Commute Options” tool to see if there is an existing van that you can join. If you have a large group of commuters who are interested, contact our office and we can walk you through setting up a brand new van. Also, check our Start-Up Incentives information to sign up for your Free Second Month of Vanpooling and don’t forget about our Emergency Ride Home Program available to all vanpoolers.

Incentive Details:

The benefits of vanpooling mirror those of most other rideshare modes. Vanpooling saves time and money over diving alone. Vans can use the carpool lanes and all the costs associated with commuting are shared with a large group. Some commuters actually eliminate the need for a second or third family vehicle by vanpooling. The time you spend commuting can be used for other activities and since you won’t be driving, your stress level is reduced. For commuters who do volunteer to drive, the vehicle is available for their personal use evenings and weekends.


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