Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Irvine Spectrum?

The Irvine Spectrum is an area of Irvine that is comprised of over 27,000,000 square feet of office, retail, industrial/commercial and residential development. It is sometimes confused with the Spectrum Center which is a retail/entertainment destination at the center of the larger Irvine Spectrum Area.

How can Spectrumotion offer its services free of charge?

Spectrumotion is an Association funded solely by the property owners in the Irvine Spectrum Area. It works the same way a homeowners association does in a residential neighborhood. The only difference is that our mission is to reduce traffic congestion rather than maintain common areas. It is not necessary for us to charge commuters or employers for individual services due to this unique funding arrangement.

What does Spectrumotion do with the personal information I provide them?

Spectrumotion guaranties that we will only use your information to provide you with commute alternatives. We do not share your information with other organizations nor do we sell mailing lists. When we provide other Irvine Spectrum commuters with information about you for the purpose of setting up a potential carpool, we only provide your home city and email. We understand the need for you to feel secure that the information you provide us is not going to generate annoying junk mail or telemarketing phone calls. Privacy Policy

Is ridesharing different than carpooling?

Yes and no. Ridesharing is a general term that encompasses many alternatives to driving alone. Carpooling is a form of ridesharing as is vanpooling, riding the train or bus, biking and even walking and telecommuting.

As an employer, why should I involve myself in my employees’ commutes?

There are many reasons: Increased Productivity – employees arrive at work more rested and less stressed leading to higher productivity. Decreased Usage of Sick Time – less stress creates healthier employees overall. Higher Morale and Increased Employee Retention – employees view your assistance as a benefit, increasing morale and tenure with the company. Tax Benefits for Both the Employer and Employee – new Commuter Choice tax regulations offer benefits to both employers and commuters for rideshare assistance programs. Spectrumotion services and programs are already paid for so why not!

I already rideshare. Why should I register with Spectrumotion?

The biggest reason is our Emergency Ride Home Program. When you register with us, you become eligible for a free ride home if an emergency arises and you are unable to rideshare home. The rules are very liberal and cover almost anything that might occur. Registering with us also allows us to notify you of contests and promotions that you are eligible for as a ridesharer. From time to time, you’ll have the opportunity to win some great prizes just for continuing to rideshare.

Why does Spectrumotion offer free trial periods on some forms of ridesharing?

Spectrumotion offers these Start-Up Incentives because we are confident that if you give one of these rideshare modes a try, you won’t go back to driving alone. Our data shows that more than 90 percent of those that receive our free trial period continue to rideshare. We currently have Start-Up Incentives for trying the Metrolink train, OCTA bus or a vanpool.

Give us a call for any other questions at 949-727-4273.