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About Spectrumotion 

Quite simply, Spectrumotion is a nonprofit organization formed to assist Irvine Spectrum Area commuters and residents in finding ways to commute to work that are more environmentally friendly, less expensive, less stressful, faster and more convenient than driving alone. We also assist progressive Irvine Spectrum employers who understand that commute assistance is an employee benefit. As a nonprofit supported solely by Irvine Spectrum property owners, all our end-user services are absolutely free.

Our History 

The formation of Spectrumotion, formally known as the Irvine Spectrum Transportation Management Association, represents a true milestone in the management of local area traffic. In 1985, The Irvine Company and the City of Irvine, in the true spirit of public/private partnership, devised an overall traffic management and monitoring strategy for the Irvine Spectrum business park. This strategy called for the creation of a Transportation Management Association (TMA) to monitor local area traffic and to develop programs and incentives to help reduce traffic. To insure the success of this concept, deed restrictions known as Covenants, Conditions And Restrictions (C,C,& R’s) were created which require all Irvine Spectrum business park property owners to financially support the TMA through property assessments (the same funding mechanism as a homeowners association). This is how Spectrumotion can offer all its end-user services for free. In 1986, Spectrumotion opened its doors and today is a nationally recognized industry leader in traffic reduction and commute assistance.