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Carpool Lane Sign

Carpooling to the Irvine Spectrum

NEW CARPOOL INCENTIVE! $100 Shell Gas Card for new carpoolers. Click the button below for more details. 


In the Irvine Spectrum Area, finding someone to carpool with couldn’t be easier. Spectrumotion maintains a database of thousands of Spectrum Area employees who live all over Southern California. Commuters come from Orange, Los Angeles San, Diego and San Bernardino Counties. Chances are we can connect you with a commuter who lives and works near you, with approximately the same work schedule.  

As a carpooler, you are eligible for our Emergency Ride Home Program. You will never be stranded at work if you don't have a car and an emergency arises. As always, don't hesitate to call us if you need assistance at 949-727-4273.

Carpooling Benefits

Carpooling is by far the most common form of ridesharing. It will save you money by sharing the cost of your commute, less maintenance on your car and possible auto insurance savings. Check to see how much you can save with the Commute Cost Calculator. Save time by using carpool lanes and reduce your daily stress by sharing the driving duties. You may even have preferential parking at your work site for carpools. And let’s not forget about the benefit to the planet! That’s reason enough to get involved in carpooling.