Riding the Bus

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About Irvine Spectrum Buses

The Irvine Spectrum Area is served by a variety of bus routes that you can use to commute to work. Metrolink and Amtrak train riders arriving at the Irvine Train Station also have a variety of routes to deliver them to their work sites. Riding the bus is one of the least costly methods of ridesharing. You will save on gas, auto maintenance and possibly the expense of owning a car altogether. Spectrumotion wants to make commuting by bus as easy as possible. Bus riders are eligible for our Emergency Ride Home Program. We’ll also give you a Free 30-Day OCTA Bus Pass (must be a new rider) so you can give the bus a try. 

Irvine Spectrum Bus Schedules

Click on the routes below for specific schedules on the direct routes serving the Irvine Spectrum Area. Service from other locations is available by transferring routes. You can also go directly to the OCTA Website or the iShuttle for all their routes, schedules and fare information.


OCTA Route 86– Daily service from Costa Mesa and Mission Viejo.
OCTA Route 206 – Monday through Friday *peak service from Santa Ana and Lake Forest.
OCTA Route 480 – Monday through Friday *Station Link service from Irvine Station to Lake Forest.
OCTA Route 211 – Monday through Friday *peak service from Huntington Beach & Lake Forest.

iShuttle Route 402C – Monday through Friday *Station Link Spectrum Area circulator service from Irvine Station.
iShuttle Route 403D – Monday through Friday *Station Link Spectrum Area circulator from Irvine Station.

*Station Link service
is generally timed to meet Metrolink trains at the Irvine Station.
*Peak Service operates during commute hours in the morning and afternoon with no mid-day service